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What Does Disney Have to do with Beekeeping? Gabriela Bratkovics Can Tell You

Gabriela Bratkovics loves Disney. She also loves beekeeping. Aside from Winnie-the-Pooh, what exactly do these two topics have in common? This question may have you scratching your head, but to Gabriela Bratkovics, it’s simple. “I’ve learned a lot about beekeeping from my love of Disney,” she says. “It turns out that they have a lot in common.” In our conversation with Gabriela Bratkovics, she told us all about how beekeeping and Disney intersect. Here’s what we found out during our conversation.

“There’s Always Something New to Learn,” says Gabriela Bratkovics

“There are people who love Disney,” Gabriela Bratkovics tells us, “and then there are people who really love Disney.” Guess which category Gabriela represents.

The biggest Disney fans know that there’s always something new to learn. If you read even one Disney-themed blog, you’ll see that there’s an entire hidden world of Easter eggs in the Disney universe. Whether you’re watching a Disney movie or visiting one of the parks, it’s never the same experience twice.

As we learned from our talk with Gabriela Bratkovics, the same applies to beekeeping. “You never really stop learning with beekeeping,” says Gabriela, who’s become an expert on the subject. “There are more than 20,000 species, and they’re all unique. Just when you think you’ve learned everything, you find something new.” Gabriela is never surprised by new information, though. If Disney has taught her anything, it’s that there’s always more to explore.

Gabriela Bratkovics Loves a Team Effort

“It’s really amazing to see how they come together to build something beautiful,” Gabriela tells us. Is she talking about her bees or the people who make the magic of Disney come to life? “I was talking about the bees,” she laughs, “although it definitely applies to both.”

It’s true. Have you ever watched a documentary about what it takes to run a Disney park behind the scenes? “The important thing is the teamwork,” Gabriela says, “whether you’re making honey or running a park.” There’s only so much that one person – or bee – can do on their own. A single bee, for instance, can barely make enough honey to sweeten a cup of tea. A whole hive, however, can produce gallons of honey.

For Gabriela Bratkovics, It’s Artistry at Work

Whether she’s talking about beekeeping or Disney, Gabriela Bratkovics can’t disguise her passion for artistry. “In both situations, I’m always amazed,” she says. She goes on about the beauty and attention to detail that both experiences have to offer. At a Disney park, for example, Gabriela admires the sweeping beauty of the castles, while in beekeeping, she takes in the intricate details of the honeycombs.

Before we left, we asked Gabriela what advice she’d offer to both Disney lovers and beekeepers. “Always take a minute to appreciate the wonder,” she says. “You’re never too old to find joy in something new.”

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