Gabriela Bratkovics

About Gabriela Bratkovics

Gabriela Bratkovics was born and raised in communist Romania and then immigrated right before her 18th birthday.

Gabriela lived in Romania under the ruling of Nicolae Ceausescu,where she experienced the notion of rationing, with every family receiving only 1 kg of flour and sugar and 1 liter of cooking oil for each family member.

In July 1989, Gabriela Bratkovics immigrated to the US. She was delighted at the opportunity to attend college and Gabriela got her bachelor’s degree at Baruch CUNY in accounting.

After college, Gabriela Bratkovics worked in an investment bank and during her maternity leave she decided to study for the CPA exam. Gabriela Bratkovics is proud to have passed all 4 parts. When her first child was one she found out she was pregnant with the second one.

Gabriela went to Pace University and received her Masters in Finance (she started the program when she was pregnant), and then took a semester off to give birth to her second child. Time flew by and Gabriela Bratkovics ended up being a stay at home Mom for 9.5 years.

As Gabriela’s children got older, she decided to return to work. Even though it was a little tough at the beginning, Gabriela Bratkovics felt very lucky that she had the opportunity to be home while her kids were little.

Gabriela Bratkovics has always been very interested in human behavior and how it affects our planet. She always enjoyed having a vegetable garden and one of the articles she came across mentioned how the declining population of honey bees could have a disastrous effect on our lives.

Gabriela Bratkovics decided to raise honey bees. Her first year raising bees she was not able to extract any honey, but the second year she extracted 220 lbs of raw honey. Gabriela Bratkovics believes it is fascinating to observe bees and the way they interact with each other.

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